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Want to be part of our K9 Klub?

We offer group doggy day care. Caring for fur-friends  allows owners to feel at ease whilst they're at work or otherwise occupied. Dogs are welcome on a daily or ad-hoc basis giving you the freedom to pick and choose when your pooch joins us (although I am sure, if they could speak they'd say every day please!)

Day care in a mixed social group with a fun itinerary. Each day is built slightly different however daily there will be activities, enrichment, toy play, free play, down time, field play, wooded area play, indoor play area time & outdoor play area time.  Here they'll make BFF'S and have lots of social time. 

Less than 4 hours - £27.60 (inc VAT)

More than 4 hours - £34.50 (inc VAT)

Additional dogs from same house hold - £17.25

We do offer discounts for 3+ days in the same month, to find out our full discount list please enquire.

We have a number of excellent facilities that we know your dog will enjoy! All our facilities including our field and wooded area are fully secure giving you peace of mind your best friend is safe at all times.

MONDAY - FRIDAY 07:30 - 17:30     

Call 07342984948


Day to day routine

This is a rough guide to a typical day at K9 Playtime.


Arrive at K9 Playtime


All dogs are typically dropped off before 9am. They will come into our large indoor play area to say good morning to their friends of the day, drop off their leads and lunches and get ready for the day ahead.


Lunch and downtime


If you provide to your dog a lunch they will be given this. Otherwise its just time for all the toys to be put away and have some much needed nap time ( This is when the staff do their midday deep clean!)


Welfare checks


Staff will spend 1:1 time with each dog to give them a basic grooming session, aiding nose to tail checks and lots of cuddles.


First field run


All the dogs are secured into our van with purpose built, crash proof crates and driven to our secure field ( that's about 10 second drive away!)

The dogs are allowed supervised free play stretching their legs and having fun.


Scent work and training


This time Is given for dogs to engage in low level agility, snuffle mats, Kong's, puzzle toys and low-level positive reward-based training.


Home time


By this point in the day most of our dogs are fulfilled and ready for home time. They spend the last hour snoozing, waiting to be collected.


Indoor playroom


Dogs are given time to run around, play with friends, Play with toys, go in the ball bit, through the tunnels and making new friends. 


Last field run


We head back to our 1.5 acre enclosed field for one last run around and leg stretch!

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